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We are sisters on a mission.  Our lives have been enriched and blessed by our grandparents. As their health began to decline we found that we needed to implement an immediate plan for care. We set out to find a caregiver who would support their needs at home and it proved to be a difficult task. How could we let just anybody into our family’s home to assume care for our beloved grandparents in the way that we would?


Our experience educating children sparked a desire to help this aging group of individuals whom we realized so desperately needed special attention. It is now our passion to make this experience pleasant, organized, and downright easy for your family. We promise to ANCHOR your needs and keep your family afloat.


Our mission is accomplished knowing ANCHOR brings you into our family of care, compassion, and companionship…with respect and dignity.


ANCHOR: n – a source of stability or security

HOME: n – a familiar setting or dwelling

SUPPORT: v – to give assistance and maintain functionality


Family Owned & Operated!

Individualized Plan of Action


Personal Care
Family Communication
Physical and Mental Stimulation
Home Safety Monitoring
Medical Reminders
Meal Preparation
Light Housekeeping

ANCHOR HomeSupport Executive Team

  • Lara Davini

    Co Founder - ANCHOR HomeSupport

  • Erin Trachy

    Co Founder - ANCHOR HomeSupport