Our Mission is Simple

ANCHOR HomeSupport brings affordable, professional and effective in-home assistance to those with health concerns, including seniors and persons with unique circumstances. We listen to our clients and encourage them to feel a part of our family. Our commitment to comfort is a necessary component of our whole process: assessment, education, growth, and compassion give peace of mind and allow loved ones to stay in the place where they’re most comfortable. We bring non-medical care into the home allowing our clients and their families to feel secure and confident. We encourage the family to participate by choosing the most compatible caregiver and arranging a schedule based on client needs. ANCHOR HomeSupport implements a specialized plan of action based on the personal needs assessment of each client.

Lara & Erin

Family First

We are family owned and operated. Our founders have roots and experience in education and family sciences. Our Project Specialists and Caregivers strive to collaborate with your family to bring comprehensive care and security to your home. You communicate your needs, we assess and provide options for care, and together an Individualized Plan of Action (IPAc) is formed. Families are invited to the online ‘Family Room’ which encourages them to be involved and informed in real time. This makes our services more efficient, effective, and transparent for all involved.