|Ongoing Support

When placing a caregiver in someone’s home, communication is key.  Family members, caregivers, and professionals are each an integral link in making a successful transition.

An aging adult may have difficulty living independently or may develop a medical issue that hinders the ability to cope independently, thereby producing a sense of loss. Recognizing these changes and creating a plan to compensate for them is necessary and allows one to regain a sense of ‘self.’ ANCHOR is committed to assessing, re-assessing, and addressing changing roles and lifestyles.  Our caregivers are given tools with which to manage care, recognize changes, and alert Project Specialists of any concerns.  At the same time, family members will be given the opportunity to follow the patient’s Individualized Plan of Action (IPAc) through an online ‘Family Room.’ Clients become part of the ANCHOR family and are treated as such throughout their relationship with us.

Elderly Care